Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
191011 Saint-Petersburg, 60, Nevsky av.

Scientific work

International Banking Institute carries out various scientific activities in the forms of both organized research and individual scientific projects. The main objective of scientific work in the Institute is to strengthen the basic position of science in the higher education development. To achieve this goal the Institute:

  • develops the main directions of its scientific activity in order to raise the level of education and training,
  • organizes fundamental researches and investigations aimed at resolving of the most acute problems of regional, national and international scope,
  • provides methodical and informational maintenance of the learning process, expands its opportunities while improving its quality,
  • develops international cooperation through participation in international research projects, scientific events,
  • gets students involved in different research projects and investigations, implements elements of scientific activity into the learning process.

Over the pas years the following research projects financed from the university's budget were started:

  • Re-engineering of the quality management system in IBI (including corporative information control system (CIS IBI )
  • Principles of creation of the unified system of computerized currency circulation (USCCC) in Russia
  • Formation of computerized educational-methodical complex (CEMC)
  • Research-methodical and organizational support and development of educational medium in the university's "Virtual university educational complex of St. Petersburg" (VUECS)

The interactive educational medium with elements of artificial intellect VUECS developed and actively used in IBI provides network support of basic components of the educational process and monitoring of educational activities of students, education in the "computer tutor" mode.

The research organizational line in the activity of IBI comprises three conferences including two international and one inter-university conference, as well as the competition of the Institute's chairs for best organization of research students' work (held since 2004).

The research work of Institute and Llyceum students includes participation in research projects and research methodical work by the Institute's assignment; participation in the Prof. V.N. Veniaminov's annual competition of St. Petersburg for the best students' work on economics, control and informatics in the economic field; participation in the competition of grants of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher Education and IBI ; in Inter-university open competition of sites for the 1st year students (on the basis of IBI ); participation in professionally orientated seminars.

Students have founded in 2000 the Students Scientific Society ENOS that takes an important place in the scientific events organization as well as in the scientific and research activity of The Institute in a whole.