Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
191011 Saint-Petersburg, 60, Nevsky av.

IBI strategy

IBI aims to:

  • keep the best tradition of the Russian higher education, to keep and to multiply best achievements of the Institute, to implement best undertakings of foreign education experience;
  • to bring to conformity the programmes content to the needs of the society keeping the balance between fundamental, applied, general education and cultural disciplines;
  • to create conditions stimulating scientific activities in order to resolve the most complicated problems arising in the banking system and in the process of county economic development;
  • to organise the educational process on the basis of the best modern educational practice and technologies, full informatisation of the Institute with the participation of the best professors and specialists in the field of Banking and Finance;
  • to enlarge and permanently modernise the range of educational services with increasing the number of specialisations in order to create the most favorable environment for students contributing to their self-realisation;
  • to create the positive, friendly, creative atmosphere in the Institute;
  • to contribute to the increase of the IBI graduates employment rate by supporting the quality management systems;
  • to ensure IBI competitiveness through efficient decision making based on the quality monitoring and management;
  • to raise the qualification and social status of the professors by motivating them to grow professionally and to become ever more active in their scientific, teaching and editorial activities;
  • to develop international links through participation and membership in associations, alliances, conferences, seminars, programmes of international exchanges.В