Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
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Quality management policy

Quality for IBI is the compliance with the requirements of IBI Mission and Strategy,

IBI policy in the field of quality is based on the understanding of the needs in:
  • strong leadership qualities of the management and their personal responsibility;
  • transparence and clarity of the management, including financial management and quality control;
  • permanent collaboration with the society, corporate consumers and partners, students and their parents and in their involvement in the process of quality management;
  • interests and needs satisfaction of the IBI team members, in their motivation to provide high quality services and to develop constantly;
  • continuous creative improvement of the content of the educational process based on the science, practical activities and market development;
  • continuous improvements of the material base and working and learning conditions in the Institute;
  • complete informatisation of all processes in IBI;
  • progressive and efficient educational technologies;
  • education and scientific activities integration;
  • the most active participation of IBI team members in innovative and scientific activities;
  • implementation of the best Russian and foreign experience;
  • personalised and flexible approach to education of students;
  • balance of theory and practice in the curriculum;
  • continuous self-control and self-analysis in all levels;
  • creation of the friendly cooperation atmosphere in the Institute.В