Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
191011 Saint-Petersburg, 60, Nevsky av.

IBI Charter

Charter – is the major guidance of IBI activities.
Extracts from IBI Charter:
International Banking Institute is higher education institution that:
  • provides undergraduate, bachelor and master degree, post-graduate and executive education programmes;
  • offers educational services in the field of executive education for the employees of enterprises, organizations, banks, stock exchanges, insurance, investments, audit, financial and other companies;
  • carries out fundamental and applied scientific researches;
  • provides consulting services.

IBI major goals are:
  • satisfaction of the students needs in intellectual, cultural and moral development through education;
  • satisfaction of the society and state needs in highly professional well-educated specialists;
  • accumulation and multiplication of moral, cultural and scientific values of the society;
  • knowledge dissemination and rise of the educational and cultural level of population;
  • organisation and realisation of applied an fundamental research;
  • education and retraining of specialists working in banks, stock exchanges, insurance, investment, audit, financial and other companies in the field of crisis management, IT, etc.
  • dissemination of the positive foreign experience in order to contribute to the banking and financial activities development in Russia;
  • provision of consulting services to banks, stock exchanges, financial, investment and other companies;
  • provision of consulting services to state authorities in the field of specialists preparation and retraining.В