Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
191011 Saint-Petersburg, 60, Nevsky av.


The IBI is mainly guided by its core values that not only govern our behavior toward society but also inform us in how to achieve our vision and goals as a university.

High Quality of Education and Professionalism

Professionalism and quality are fundamental for the success of the Institute. The International Banking Institute longs for being an example of Higher Education Establishment, which provides high quality of education and academic process orienting on contentment of the requirements of the students and society. The Institute has 14 departments represented by 150 teaching and associate professors, who are highly experienced both theoretically and practically.

The educational process is supplemented by lectures and courses of leading economists, practicing bankers and prominent spokesmen.

Teaching and research are up to country and international standards, what is proved by certificates of quality andВ several awards gained by IBI. Institute enjoys recognition resulting in membership in international professional societies and associations , invitations to be experts at corporate boards and to participate in international conferences and forums, e.g. Luxembourg Financial Forum, EBTN annual meetings, Conference “St. Petersburg and Luxembourg: Partnership of Centers for Financial Services”.

Openness and readiness to changes and innovations

Openness to changes and innovations as one of the main IBI values lets it satisfy rapidly changing demands of the modern society. International Banking Institute is fully integrated into the Bologna Process System and providesВ Bachelor Degree and Master Degree programs of education.

Increased number of specializations and forms of education today makes it possible for IBI to provide personal approach to students and create favorable atmosphere for maximum self-actualization of every student both within the walls of the institute and outside it. One of the first among educational institutions in Russia, IBI has introduced the system of its activity evaluation by students. It provides needed feedback and gives the background information for the self-assessment necessary for constant improvements and development.
While adopting the best undertakings of world business schools IBI has founded the Alumni Club and the Career Centre that have become the most important links in the chain between the Institute and its business partners

Principal trend to internationalization

International Banking Institute has chosen the internationalization as its priority trend of development. It is promoting cooperation and commitment with other educational institutions as well as with business ones. The Stockholm University has been one of the main academic partners of IBI since its infancy. The Institute is also collaborating with Utrecht University in students’ scientific conferences organization and with other high school and universities in the field of research and experience exchanges. Over 15 years the network of IBI academic partners has significantly expanded and now IBI has partners in more than 30 countries. Through regional, national and international cooperation and working with its strategic partners, the Institute contributes to mutual development and exchange of knowledge.

The business partnership is also strongly supported by the Institute. Over the last years the number of students participating in internships, programs of practice and experience exchange has increased tenfold.

International Banking Institute is a full member of EBTN (European Banking Training Network) and IFCEB (International Foundation for Computerbased Education in Banking and Finance) as the only representative of Russia. It is also certified and accredited by the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) and by the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB).

Excellence of students

The important component of IBI prosperity is the excellence of its students. To choose ones with highest potential and eagerness to studies and success the Institute has developed the system of stern entry exams.

Students rating, based on their progress in studies, participation in scientific events, e.g. conferences, forums, workshops, contests, is not only a strong motivating factor but also an effective means to select the very best forВ internshipsВ and further promotion.

IBI students are always among winners of various competitions, as well as among the recipients of government and international awards.

Strong and confidential corporate relationships

Crucial factor for IBI development is the establishment and support of trustful corporate` bonds. Since 1991 the list of IBI strategic partners grows steadily. It includes Sberbank, Raiffeisen Bank, BSGV, UniCredit Bank, etc. Finnish company SRV International Ltd. is main Institutes partner in the realization of the project "IBI as a heart of IFC".

Current Advisory Board of the Institute is represented by the most prominent business and political figures, e.g. German Gref, Alexey Kudrin, Sergey Vasiliev, Oleg Savelyev, together with top-executives of EBTN, International Academy of Science of Higher School, the Business School of Stockholm University and St.Petersburg State University.

Career centre of International Banking Institute fully contributes to the development of corporate relationships while opening new opportunities for students and graduates. With its support the Institute organizes conferences and guest lectures with the participation of the most experienced representatives of the business world, summer schools and internships for every student within the country as well as outside it.

High-quality facilities

International Banking Institute currently disposes two building complexes in the centre of St. Petersburg: complex of two buildings at 60, Nevsky avenue and 6, Malaya Sadovaya street and a building at 4, Shaumyana avenue. Both complexes equipped with modern auditoriums and lecture halls, libraries, IT rooms have all necessary facilities for studying and research.

However, the project of new Institute Building Complex is developed. In Bolshaya Ohta district, the area of would be financial centre, a truly world-class quality accommodation will arise in the shortest period. According to the project the Building Complex will also include Students Residence, Sport Centre with swimming pool, Students Theatre, Library, etc.


The St. Petersburg location of International Banking Institute is a very important strategic factor for its growth. The fact that our city is widely considered as the “most European city” for its spirit and business culture is a good supporting factor for the Institutes major trend to internationalization. Its cultural and historical heritage is hard to overestimate.
What is more, St. Petersburg has a developed infrastructure which unites the state and businesses economically, scientifically, and socially. The city actively imports and exports and the volume of investment into Saint Petersburgs economy is experiencing stable growth.

There are more than 600 large and mid-sized businesses with foreign capital actively working in Saint Petersburg and banks, including worldwide banks such as Citibank, Dresdner Bank, Raiffeisenbank, and Barclays.

St.Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, the place with one of the highest in the world potential for growth, and therefore, a great place for building up a successful career.